Travel Video: Ladakh

Sadiq Mansor traveled to Ladakh, a region in Northern India, for the first bouldering Summit in Suru Valley. Here, he speaks with us about his love for the region, how he used past connections in the local community to plan his trip, and the special moments he caught on film.   Where are you from? […]

Movement as Prayer: Top Five Kora Routes of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Jonas Crimm hails from the underappreciated city of Philadelphia. He recently spent three years in northwestern China’s Qinghai province, a beautiful and remote region on  the northeastern Tibetan plateau, where he taught at an intensive English program for rural high school students. In addition to working with some of the most fantastic kids imaginable, he […]

Nature in NYC: Beauty & Innovation in Battery Park

Lisa Nina Cruz, a finalist in the last round of The Bucket List Initiative, first wrote about nature in NYC with a piece on Governor’s Island. Here, she shares her insights on another of New York’s beautiful, natural spaces: Battery Park. A great city allows locals to meet a diverse range of desires: to commute […]

Nature in NYC: A Getaway on Governor’s Island

The city that’s home to the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street is rarely perceived as one that also holds decent greens, vegetation and air that’s clear of pollution. And yet, it is. Parks comprise approximately 14% of New York City and there are 1,700 of them strewn across the boroughs. I’ve worked […]