Ajay Pondicherry is a tech creator/consumer based in Los Angeles. He has compiled a list of ten of his favorite bridges around the world. Some of them are bridges he has visited in the past, while others are bridges he hopes to visit in the future.

Ajay used Roadless, a great new platform (which he pioneered!) that allows users to explore destinations around the world with content from their social networks and from featured users.



Here are Ajay’s bridge picks:


Millenium Bridge
Millennium Bridge
 – London, UK

: The design of the bridge was the subject of a competition organized in 1996
Total length 370 metres (1,214 ft)
Longest span 144 metres (472 ft)
Constructed by Monberg & Thorsen
Opened 10 June 2000; 13 years ago
Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

Total length 8,981 ft (2,737.4 m), about 1.7 mi (2.7 km)
Longest span 4,200 ft (1,280.2 m)
Construction begin January 5, 1933; ended April 19, 1937


Sydney Harbour Bridge –  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Factoid: During the millennium celebrations in 2000, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was lit up with the word “Eternity”, as a tribute to the legacy of Arthur Stace, a Sydney artist who for many years inscribed that word on pavements in chalk in beautiful copperplate writing despite the fact that he was illiterate.
Total length 1,149 m (3,770 ft)
Longest span 503 m (1,650 ft)
Construction begin July 28, 1923; ended January 19, 1932


Zhivopisny Bridge (Набережная Под живописным  Мостом)
 – Moscow, Russia

Factoid: There is an ellipsoid shaped pod hanging from the top most point of the bridge’s arch. The pod was meant to house a observation deck and a 100-seat sky-high restaurant but due to fire-safety concerns and lack of investment the plans for deck and restaurant have been shelved for time being.
Total length 420m; Height 100m
Opened 27 December 2007


Bixby Canyon BridgeBixby Canyon Bridge – Monterey County, California

: There’s a Death Cab for Cutie song named after this bridge on their Narrow Stairs album
Total length 714 feet (218 m)
Longest span 320 feet (98 m)
Construction began August 24, 1931; ended October 15, 1932
Opened November 27, 1932


Manhattan BridgeNew York City, NY, USA

: The bridge was featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, in which the bridge is named “Algonquin Bridge”.
Total length 6,855 ft (2,089 m)
Longest span 1,480 feet (451 m)
Construction begin 1901; ended 1912


CapilanoCapilano Suspension Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia

Factoid: The bridge has been featured as a setting in episodes of several television series, including MacGyver
Total length 140 metres (460 ft)
Height 70 metres (230 ft) (230 ft)
Opened 1888



Karlův most | Charles BridgePrague, Czech Republic

Factoid: King Charles IV laid the first stone of this bridge himself
Total length 515.8 metres (1,692 ft)
Longest span 13.4 metres (44 ft)
Construction began 1357; ended 1402


Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge – New York, NY

Factoid: The bridge has been shown in films such as Annie Hall, Gangs of New York, It Happened in Brooklyn, I Am Legend, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers.
Total length 5,989 feet (1825 m)
Longest span 1,595 feet 6 inches (486.3 m)
Opened May 24, 1883; 130 years ago


Pont de Bir-HakeimParis, France

Factoid: “Ariadne” played by Ellen Page used this bridge to hone her architecture skills in the movie, Inception.
Total length 237 metres (777 ft)
Construction began 1903; ended 1905



Words and curation by: Ajay Pondicherry (@ajaypond)