king fahd mosque in buenos aires

One Last Day in Buenos Aires: What to Do?

When we think of travel, we think of the time we spend in another place—how we can maximize our schedules to do or see as much as possible. We give less thought to how...
mural of argentine LGBTQ activist Carlos Jauregui

Carlos Jáuregui: Profiling a Legendary Argentinian Queer Activist

“De todas las discriminaciones, la que a mí me ha tocado padecer en forma particular es el desamparo legal.” - “Of all the discrimination, the one that has touched me in particular is legal...
grilling in argentina

Grilling in Argentina: Beyond a Passion

When I think of Buenos Aires, several things come to mind: penguinos—the ceramic penguins that you can order filled with wine at local bars—and the purple jacaranda trees that bloom every spring. But without...
adventure travel in patagonia

An Adventure Junkie’s Guide to Patagonia

If virgin forests, turquoise lakes, mountainous landscapes, and dramatic glaciers are what inspire you to get outside and explore, make sure to put Patagonia on your travel bucket list this year. Covering the majority...
rocsen museum guide

A Guide to the Rocsen Museum and Town of Nono in Argentina

Museums are usually an amazing place to dive into certain topics– whether it be art, culture, natural science or history. But only a few museums in the world can compare to the vastly diverse...
soccer in argentina

Why You Need to Attend a Football Match When You Visit Argentina

Unforgettable? A football match?  That’s right. In Argentina watching a football match in person, in the stadium, is something everyone should do at least once in their life.  I am a Boca Juniors fan, and...
missing argentina

Crying for Argentina: Why I Will Always Miss It

While I write these words, I am drinking a nice cup of coffee (macchiato, of course), facing the ocean and watching a bunch of surfers having fun in the waves. Even though it is...
capilla del monte

Capilla del Monte: Home of the Aliens

Surrounded by mountains in the heart of Argentina, the “home of the aliens,” or Capilla del Monte offers a unique experience to those in search of paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings. Though no extraterrestrial...
instagram guide to argentina

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Argentina

Argentina is full of extremes, from cactus-spotted deserts to immense glaciers, providing the perfect opportunity for photographers. After you have finished taking snapshots of nature, you’ll find that even the country’s capital, Buenos Aires,...


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