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What To Do in Greece, for Every Traveler

Greece is a travel junkie’s dream; with it’s golden, sandy beaches, rich ancient history, delicious cuisine, and rugged mountain scenery, there’s simply something for everyone. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, romantic escapes, beach parties...

Celebrations of Love From Around the World

Around the world, communities celebrate love through myriad festivals, rituals, and holidays. Though observed worldwide, Valentine’s Day is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to romantic traditions. In Wales, for example,...
An unusual angle of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Unexpected Destinations for Every Month of the Year

We could probably guess at least a few of the items on your travel bucket list. There’s a good chance that it includes some of the world’s most popular cultural events and destinations, like...

How to Choose Ethical Animal Attractions Abroad

Animal encounters can often seem like a rite of vacation passage — as if each person on a trip simply has to climb on an elephant, pose with a tiger, or hold a monkey...

28 Countries in a Year with a Travel Photographer

Here at Passion Passport, we love hearing stories about people that turn their passions into a full time career. Tim Martin is someone who realized he wasn't suited for a traditional 9-5 life and opted instead...

How a Simple Bet Led to Exploring the World

In 2011, my father bet me $100 to do one backflip a day for the entire year.  I accepted the challenge and recorded the flips every day, capping the experience with a four and...


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