Roman Koenigshofer was constantly in the mountains for work and couldn’t resist turning his camera toward the landscapes in addition to the snowboarders he was supposed to be photographing. Eventually, he started going to the mountains of his own accord.

In the late 90s, Roman created short video clips about snowboarding and skateboarding, which led him to pick up a DSLR for the first time. Now, nearly two decades later, he can always be found near the mountains.

Outdoor photography is Roman’s lifestyle. He loves being outside, active, and even sometimes, off the grid completely. There is beauty to be found in the outdoors, and Roman is constantly discovering how to capture it.

The Rockies. The Dolomites. The Alps. The Himalayas. Through his eyes, no two mountain ranges are ever the same.

He tries to keep things out of the frame, often purposefully isolating certain elements with his tele-lens and not including the “whole picture” in the photograph. Roman searches for scenes with great light that won’t need excessive post-production editing to be compelling.

“A good photo doesn’t need much,” he admitted.

Roman hopes that people who see his photos will want to get out and explore for themselves. But he doesn’t want budding photographers to rely on copying their favorite Instagrammers. Instead, he advises travelers to focus less on the “likes” and to discover locations on their own, even if that yields uncertainty about what to expect visually.

While being in the mountains can have its difficulties at times (not being able to feel your fingers well enough to click the camera shutter, for one), there is a distinct benefit.

“The fresh air up in the mountains is good for everyone,” he said.

See more of Roman’s photos on his website or Instagram.