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Passion Passport Spans Generations of Travelers as
First Bucket List Winner Goes to Germany

Christina Wright of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA will soon be on her way to Germany to meet up with another world explorer, 103-year old Ella Kastner of Berlin. Christina is the first winner of the Bucket List Initiative sponsored by the Passion Passport Web site.

“The aim of Passion Passport is to promote the transformative power of travel through inspirational photos and stories,” according to site founder Zach Glassman. One of Passion Passport’s platforms is the Bucket List Initiative, where prospective travelers can apply to make their travel dreams a reality. Site staff selects finalists, then the online community votes on a winner.

Christina Wright (age 31) and Ella Kastner befriended each other through social media and by exchanging postcards of their home towns. In Christina’s words, “Ella is an inspiration, not just for wanderlusters, but for everyone. She is constantly moving, traveling everywhere from Thimphu, Bhutan, to Baku, Azerbaijan, from the Faroe Islands to Paradise Island, Bahamas. Just recently she bade farewell to the Pope in Vatican City and went dog sledding in Germany.”

(You can see Christina’s full application here)

Ongoing details of Christina’s journey—including daily summaries, photos, and videos of this ongoing story—will be posted to throughout the trip. Material posted on may be used in your coverage, with attribution.


Trip Dates:

4/27: Arrival in Berlin (meeting Ella)

4/28: Departure for Nuremberg (with Ella and family)

4/29 to 5/2: Amberg (with Ella and family)

5/02 to 5/6: Munich (Christina will be exploring Munich on her own)


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