On an early morning in September of 2014, Jakub Pavlovsky woke from a vivid dream with a vision of bringing more books into our technologically oriented society. When he opened his eyes, his gaze fell on the public library that stood outside the window of his room. In that moment, he was compelled to act on his dream. Later that day, Jakub launched an Instagram account called Book’s Calling. It led him to find some of the best spots for reading books in Prague, on the basis of one simple idea:

To post pictures of himself reading, anywhere and everywhere.

Thinking of a different way to relax in Prague? Try visiting a beer spa. Yep, a beer spa

But what started as a photo project to encourage him and others to read more often evolved into a movement. Not only was he inspiring his followers to pick up a book, but he was developing his own creative voice and using his unique sense of humor to spread a love of literature.

Three years later, Jakub continues to use his social media presence and corresponding book club to remind us that we can make time for reading any time, anywhere.

Inspired by his message, we caught up with Jakub to learn about his favorite reading spots around his home city of Prague.

Prague Metronome (Pražský metronom)

Location: Letná Park, Prague 7

Reason: “If you sit right under the metronome, or close to it, you have a beautiful view of Prague — it’s the perfect reading spot.”

Recommended reading: Any book of poetry

Republica Coffee

Location: Martinská 4, Prague 1

Reason: “This is my absolute favorite café in Prague. Not only is it located just a few minutes from my home, but they also have really good coffee and even better baristas.”

Recommended reading: An illustrated book about coffee and coffee art

Rieger Gardens (Riegrovy sady)

Location: Riegrovy sady, Prague 2

Reason: “This place is extremely popular with young people who love to lounge on the grass, drink, read, and relax.”

Recommended reading: A well-loved paperback

man reading books on a street in prague

Veletržní palác (the National Gallery)

Location: Dukelských hrdinů 47, Prague 7

Reason: “This massive building is filled with modern art, but there’s also a gallery café downstairs. So, you can admire the art, then drink coffee and read, or you can even take your book upstairs to read among the paintings.”

Recommended reading: A creative biopic

Střelecký Island (Střelecký ostrov)

Location: Střelecký ostrov, Prague 1

Reason: “This is one of the best and only islands in Prague. It offers a great view of the Vltava River, and plenty of places to sit and read — on the grass, on a bench, or even in the sand.”

Recommended reading: “Entry Island” by Peter May

BOHO café & store

Location: Ondříčkova 6, Prague 3

Reason: “This café is located outside the city center in an area filled with shops, wine bars, and parks. It offers a warm atmosphere and a variety of tasty drinks.”

Recommended reading: A comic book or graphic novel

man reading book at wooden table

The Municipal Library (Ústřední knihovna)

Location: Mariánské náměstí 1, Prague 1

Reason:The Municipal Library is the biggest public library in Prague, and you can enter without paying a membership fee. There are tons of chairs and sofas scattered around, so you can easily find a perfect reading spot. And, to top it off, it has a tower made of 8,000 books.”

Recommended reading: “The Strange Library” by Haruki Murakami

man reading book on bookstore flore

Bio Oko

Location: Františka Křížka 15, Prague 7

Reason: “This is one of the smaller cinemas in the city, but it also has a nice, inviting café and pub.”

Recommended reading: Any cinema-themed book

man reading a book at a cafe table

Vyšehrad Park

Location: Vyšehrad, Prague 2

Reason: “This park offers a wonderful view of Prague, and there are plenty of benches to sit on and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a good book.”

Recommended reading: Any classic novel

man reading a book in covered pedestrian bridge

Nový Svět

Location: Nový Svět, Prague 1

Reason: “This is a great place to take a quiet walk through the city’s old streets and end in a local café with a garden view.”

Recommended reading: A good romance novel