Monday, March 10th – Passion Passport + Chris Burkhard Travel Chat

We’re co-hosting our FIRST EVER travel twitter chat with famed surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkhard, sponsored by Goal Zero and Zeal Optics

Head over to Twitter on Monday, March 10th at 10AM PST/1PM EST to join us for #ppsurfsup! Participants will get a chance to win some awesome prizes from Goal Zero and Zeal Optics. We will tweet out several beach/ocean/surf related questions, but feel free to tweet out some of your own for Chris and our sponsors!

ppsurfsup twitter travel chat surf beach ocean

#PPSurfsup Travel Chat Questions: 

1)    Chris travels to remote places to shoot in very cold waters. What’s your fondest memory of cold weather?

2)    When traveling, do you usually seek cold or warm weather climates? WHY?

3)    Describe your favorite ocean experience.

4)    Show us your favorite photograph of the water/beach.

5)    If you could surf anywhere, where would it be?

6)    What THREE THINGS do you always bring with you to the beach or on any adventures?

7)    What ocean/beach is on your travel bucket list?


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Any questions? Let us know in the comments.