📷 @langer_danger Secret Garden, Cotopaxi, Ecuador

#PPSummerPostcard is the theme for this week’s Instagram challenge! Has anyone ever complimented your photo saying it’s good enough to be a postcard? As a farewell and last hurrah for summer, we’re looking for your most idyllic and quintessential scenes from the season.

And this week, we’re joined by three great Guest Judges!

First up, we have travel couple and bloggers Andrew & Emily, aka @alongdustyroads. Follow their Instagram, @alongdustyroads, and their Blog, www.alongdustyroads.com!

Second up, we have Zurich based photographer and adventurer Marcus, @quintner! Make sure to follow along in his adventures to see more of beautiful Switzerland!

Last, but not least, we have the very talented Savitri Wilder (@scwilder), who is an avid traveler, foodie, architecture lover, and storyteller! Find her on Instagram or her blog at www.savitriwilder.com.


How to Enter

  1. Post or re-post photos/videos according to your interpretation of the theme during the week between Thursday, September 12th and noon EST on Wednesday, September 18th*.
  2. Tag #PPSummerPostcard in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it).
  3. Take us into the moment with you in your caption by sharing 3-4 sentences.
  4. Check the sample below, get creative, and get going!

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or re-posted (i.e. you cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video) from a public account during the challenge period. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible for a feature.

We’ll announce the winner and honorable mentions the following week on our Instagram feed based on Quality of Image, Quality of Caption, and Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme.

Car in TepoztlĂĄn, Mexico
Photo by: @robert.fahnenstiel  Tepoztlån, Mexico

For @passionpassport‘s #PPSummerPostcard challenge // I was traveling Mexico with my sister (who I hadn’t seen for over half a year), and our first stop was TepoztlĂĄn. I absolutely fell in love with these little towns and villages. During the day they get really busy, but we had the streets almost to ourselves early morning. I fell in love with panoramas of colorful houses and the Volkswagen Beetles. Those cars are everywhere, and I bet some of you would like to own one of those too (myself included).
📷 @robert.fahnenstiel 📍 Tepoztlán, Mexico


Check our full Terms & Conditions, and contact our IG Co-Manager Elliot Vernon at elliot@passionpassport.com with any questions. No questions? Get going because we’re already licking our lips in anticipation!

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