Featured photo by: @_itsbeautifulhere Bay Gardens, Singapore

For you mountain hikers, animals lovers, and admirers of Spring; the theme of this week’s Instagram challenge is #PPNature!

Two Zebras in Etosha National Park, Namibia
Photo by: @insta_lamb Etosha National Park, Namibia

We’ll be joined by guest judges @alejandro.photo@bennettfilm, and @reubennutt, so head to their feeds for inspiration, and follow the steps below to share the flora and fauna you’ve come across on your travels:


  1. Post or re-post photos/videos relating to the theme between Tuesday, March 28th and 11:59pm EST on Saturday, April 1st;*
  2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPNature in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it);
  3. Take us into the moment with your caption, sharing any backstory, interesting details surrounding the circumstance, and/or how it relates to the theme; and
  4. Check the samples below and get creative with your entries!

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or re-posted (i.e. you cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video) from a public account during the challenge period. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible for feature.

We’ll announce the winner and honorable mentions Monday, April 3rd on our Instagram feed based on guest judges’ scoring of Quality of Image, Quality of Caption, and Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme.


Green Waves over the Mozambique Channel
Photo by: @journeysbychance Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean

We took off from the red earth of Tsingy’s limestone forest to embark on a journey across one of the most diverse landscapes in the world – from flowing emerald waterways to gigantic Baobab trees on the dry African grassland. / @passionpassport #PPNature

@journeysbychance Mozambique Channel

Monkeys Steaming in Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Photo by: @nugraharachmat Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

I still remember the snow pouring from the sky while the snow monkeys bathed in the hot springs. For the hour I watched, they just seemed so human: how they fought, how they played, how they helped one another. / @passionpassport #PPNature

@nugraharachmat Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine, Chile
Photo by: @jnasa Grey Glacier, Torres del Paine, Chile

The sheer beauty of the 10,000 year-old glacier was striking. My only thought at that moment was that I don’t want to live in a world without these ancient masses. / @passionpassport #PPNature

@jnasa Torres del Paine, Chile



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