We don’t say this often, but we want you to be a #PPCopycat for this week’s Instagram challenge! From geometric patterns in architecture to rolling hills as far as the eye can see — this theme is all about repetition. Share with us as well as @lorentecervantes@patryk_wikalinski & @seathebreezee who are joining in as guest judges!


  1. Post or re-post photos/videos according to your interpretation of the theme between Tuesday, October 9th and 11:59am EST on Wednesday, October 17th*.
  2. Tag #PPCopycat in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it).
  3. Take us into the moment with you in your caption by sharing 3-4 sentences.
  4. Check the sample below, get creative, and get going!

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or re-posted (i.e. you cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video) from a public account during the challenge period. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible for feature.

We’ll announce the winner and honorable mentions Monday, October 22nd on our Instagram feed based on Quality of ImageQuality of Caption, and Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme.


Man Feeding Flocks of Birds at Sunset in Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India
Photo by: @fazil.insta Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India

For @passionpassport‘s #PPCopycat challenge // I was drawn to Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, because it holds a great deal of religious value in the Hindu religion, and I wanted to photograph the beauty I’d heard so much about. One morning, as I was watching a procession of believers make their way to the river, I noticed this man feeding a flock of migratory Siberian seagulls. He was rather far away, so I had to run and weave my way through a swarm of early morning devotees to get to him before the moment was lost. Thankfully, I made it just in time and pressed the shutter without even looking to see whether I was positioned correctly. As soon as the image appeared on my camera screen, I became aware of the energy of the scene before me. I immediately fell in love and stood still for a while, contemplating the delicate charm of Yamuna Ghat. This photo left me with the lingering thought of how beautiful a simple action directed toward another living creature, whether human or animal, can be.

Photo and words by: @fazil.insta Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India

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Top photo by: Guest Judge @lorentecervantes La Manga, Murcia, Spain