Light Shining through Trees in Point Reyes, California
Photo by: @christiannbecerra
Point Reyes, California, USA

Light has the power to transform a scene in moments, right before your very eyes. For this week’s Instagram challenge, we want to feature those in our community who are constantly #PPChasingLight.

The way you capture light is completely up to your interpretation. Do you capture the shadows that a light source creates while it lets its subject take on a new shape of its own? Or do you prefer to snap those moments where the light creates a warm blanket of warmth, covering and illuminating everything in view. Some people are earlybirds, waking in the early mornings to capture the a scene at dawn, while others scout their scene, waiting patiently for dusk to arrive in order to capture the sunset.

We’ll be joined by guest judges @anton_notna@christiannbecerra, and @tomparkr and so check out their feeds for inspiration, and follow the guidelines below in order to be eligible to be featured:



  1. Post a photo/video that fits this week’s challenge theme and mention @passionpassport and #PPChasingLight in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it)*;
  2. Submit as many entries as you like between Tuesday, May 17th and 11:59pm EST on Saturday, May 21st*;
  3. Include a brief write-up (3-5 sentences) in your caption telling us how your entry relates to the theme and why it’s personally significant to you; and
  4. Entries will be evaluated by guest judges based on Quality of Photo, Quality of Caption, Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme, and Following Instructions. Stay tuned for the winner and honorable mentions to be announced Sunday, May 22nd on our Instagram feed.

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or reposted from a public account during the challenge period. You cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will not be considered eligible.

Sample Entry:

Novice Monk Pole Vaulting against Sunset in Mrauk U, Myanmar
Photo by: @davidlazarphoto

While exploring in Myanmar in the late afternoon, I met this playful and energetic novice monk outside his monastery who had a stick of bamboo he was using to fly. He enjoyed being photographed: after each vault, he would look at my photos before going out to vault again and again. / @passionpassport #PPChasingLight

@davidlazarphoto Mrauk U, Myanmar


Featured image by: @jimmydauphotography