Featured photo by: @irwinsychan Tokyo, Japan

Travel takes us to different cities, different countries, different continents. But on rare occasions, it can also take us to different times, different planets, different planes — when stepping out of an airport feels like stepping into a #PPAlteredReality!

For this week’s Instagram challenge, we want you to transport us beyond location: maybe a German castle lulls you into a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale or perhaps an escalator in Japan zaps  you to the Mirror Dimension from Dr. Strange….

Glowing Windows at Night in Eltz Castle, Germany
Photo by: @fabi.bckr Eltz Castle, Germany

We’re collaborating with guest judges (and dreamers) @chris.rivera@kylormelton, and @nukeproofsuit; so head to their feeds for inspiration, and follow the instructions below for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed:


  1. Post as many photos/videos relating to the theme as you like between Tuesday, February 7th and 11:59pm EST on Saturday, February 11th;
  2. Mention @passionpassport and #PPAlteredReality in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it);
  3. Include a brief write-up (3-5 sentences) in your caption telling us how your entry relates to the theme and any circumstances around the experience; and
  4. Stay tuned for the winner and honorable mentions to be announced Monday, February 13th on our Instagram feed based on guest judges’ scoring of Quality of Image, Quality of Caption, and Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme.

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or re-posted from a public account during the challenge period. You cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible.

Sample Entries:

Sky at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA
Photo by: @jnasa Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

When you step onto the Bonneville Salt Flats you immediately get the sense you’ve landed on another planet.

Your brain expects the stark white salt to be cold because it reminds it of snow, but it’s not. The mountains in the distance seem like a mirage, but they’re actually quite close. Each way you look you’re surrounded by intricate patterns that seem to create a jigsaw puzzle. I honestly would not have been surprised if some being from another world had showed up to greet me.

But the coolest thing is, that this exists on our planet. That’s pretty rad if you think about it. / @passionpassport #PPAlteredReality

@jnasa Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

Village in Japanese Alps, Japan
Photo by: @life_in_tokyo Japanese Alps, Japan

After 7 years of non-stop living in a concrete jungle called Tokyo, I stepped off the bus and suddenly was surrounded by green lush mountains on every side while breathing an amazingly fresh air so unusual for busy cities. Just a few hours on a bullet train towards central Japan and one can be back in past: a time of shoguns, and samurais graciously walking along narrow roads of the the rustic village. Time has definitely stopped here for good. / @passionpassport #PPAlteredReality

@life_in_Tokyo Japanese Alps, Japan


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