#PPAdventureAnywhere Instagram Challenge 3x3 Grid of Honorable Mentions

Adventure exposes a part of us that allows ourselves to see pieces of who we are in others whose lives are so different from our own. For some of us, travel helps to show us who we really are. The further we get from the familiar, our daily thoughts and distractions, the closer we get to ourselves.

-An excerpt from honorable mention @freyadowson


This past week we teamed up with our friends @nemoequipment for our #PPAdventureAnywhere Instagram challenge! Adventure can be found anywhere and in many different ways. Read some of our featured highlights from our community below and on the challenge tag:

Congratulations to our Instagram challenge honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @theroadgoesforeveron, @leehorbachewski, @huntertmorrical, @wanderlust_driven_life, @wfa31, @shanti.akkineni, @freyadowson, @minnesota_wanderer, and @stefgen. Make sure to head to their individual feeds for their complete entries and write-ups.

Congratulations to our Instagram challenge potential winner @el_fotomat who will receive a prize package of cutting-edge gear from Nemo for her next adventure!

Adventure can be as simple as waking before dawn, shaking out my shoes for roaming scorpions, sleepily meandering down the moonlit path to the lake’s edge, and watching with excitement as the sun rises up and over the tops of the surrounding volcanoes and spills its glow across the water’s surface.

Sharing these magical moments with friends, as the warm light hits our faces in the cool morning air, makes it even better.


We’re sending a special thanks to @captainmaji and @twintheworld for joining us as guest judges. Stay tuned for our next Instagram challenge, coming soon!


Feature image by: @gullerpat