PProadlesstaken Passion Passport Instagram Challenge with Bonobos Honorable Mentions Photo CollageOur team was so inspired by the images and stories in the entries for this week’s Instagram challenge #PProadlesstaken with BonobosThey reminded us to take the long way every now and then!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions, all of whom will receive 25% discount coupons for Bonobos! They are  (left to right, starting top-left): @globetrotterinc, @hai_huynh, @beingdave, @yeyensinarta, @golightly, @claykuok, @nathalie_hl, @lightrecital, and @melspring24. Take a minute and head over to their individual feeds to read their write-ups.

The first winner for this week’s challenge is @el_fotomat who will receive a $200 gift certificate from Bonobos! Check out her winning photo and write-up below:


“When I stepped off the bus in Khajuraho, there were no less than fifteen touts surrounding me, vying for my attention and business. Countless offers of temple tours and varying levels of accommodation came rom every direction and continued to follow me as I attempted to slip away. After politely declining the persistent proposals and squeezing my way through the crowd with my backpack, I spotted a guesthouse I recognized from my guidebook and walked inside. Later, I opened the hotel door to the street to go for a walk and saw most of the men were still there. Stepping up my pace, a guy who seemed much less motivated to sell me something casually asked if I wanted to see some of the area. I ended up spending a beautiful day with Chotu Baba and his sweet, young friend Luca, meeting their families, wandering through the lovely countryside off the typical tourist grid, learning about one another’s cultures, and laughing until sundown.

With the golden warmth of the setting sun on his back and a papaya balanced on his shoulder, Luca made his way through a space in the fence while Chotu Baba waited in the distance. Simple moments like this with new friends are what make traveling to the other side of the globe worth the trip.”

The second winner for this week’s challenge is @naveedmulki who will receive a $200 gift certificate from Bonobos! Check out his winning photo and write-up below:


“I was fascinated by how time felt in these past two weeks. Sometimes it raced ahead. Sometimes it stood still. Sometimes I had no idea what time it was. Sometimes I paid attention to every second. And there were moments like this. When our still jeep told me how time stood still, when the clouds told me that time raced ahead, when the dark trails around me told it didn’t matter what time it was and the leeches that slowly crept up my leg made me pay attention to every second. These are the moments that I crave for. Where I feel time in every sense of the word.”

The third winner for this week’s challenge is @5aaad who will receive a $200 gift certificate from Bonobos! Check out his winning photo and write-up below:


“This was literally a road less taken. The tombs of the Talpur dynasty are located in the Chittori Graveyard near Sanghar, Pakistan. We were on a business trip and decided to check these tombs out. Small rural cities like Sanghar close down before sunset. We headed towards this graveyard right around that time with heavily overcast skies and a thunderstorm approaching. The roads were completely deserted. Dirt roads lead to the graveyard and Google Maps wasn’t helpful as many roads had washed out in the previous season’s monsoon. After a few wrong turns we eventually reached the graveyard. There was silence everywhere and it felt spooky. We parked our car in reverse and out of sight from the main road in case we needed to get out of there ASAP. We went in to explore the tombs many of which were in the middle of renovation. there were newer paved and unpaved graves as seen in the foreground. There were holes dug into the ground and knots and sacks tied to tree branches, indicative of black magic. There was not a person in sight. We went in a few of the tombs, took a few pictures and booted.”