PPstrideby Instagram Collage

From the backdrops to the passers-by themselves, we just loved catching your strideby captures in this week’s Instagram Challenge, so thanks to all who participated and a special thank you to #strideby founders and this week’s guest judges @eric_le_reveur and @jillshomer!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions! They are (left to right, starting top-left): @vincelsl, @raisethatglass, @bradromano, @reycanlasjr, @acupofkeen, @mrwhisper, @ashleymcky, @ashelparsons, and @v.delacruz. Take a minute to head over to their individual feeds for their write-ups.

The winner of this week’s Instagram Challenge is @bluemoodz who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo entry and write-up are below!

PPstrideby Instagram Beach Surfer

“Here in Southern California, the beautiful beaches attract thousands of people every day, and I am one of the many IGers who flock to Huntington Beach to watch the surfers. On this particular morning, I arrived early and was determined to shoot a different take on an infinity shot below the pier with a goal of one strideby. After waiting with my iPhone 5S in hand for what seemed like forever, two surfers slowly appeared across my viewing plane. I cannot describe the thrill I felt at capturing not just one but a ‘double strideby’ exactly how I had imagined! So lesson learned: photography is a waiting game, but the excitement you feel when it’s the right shot is immeasurable.”