PPnationalcolors World Cup Instagram Challenge with Live Worldly Honorable Mention Photo CollageOur team was so inspired by the spirit in the entries for this week’s Instagram challenge #PPnationalcolors with Live WorldlyThere were so many bright and colorful photos that evoked national pride!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions, all of whom will receive Brazilet keychains from Live Worldly! They are  (left to right, starting top-left): @corigold, @earzthompson, @mkahkyy, @danj85, @coldmainewinter, @dtagdc, @deardreamlove, @megangulotta, and @aysesirinbudak. Take a minute and head over to their individual feeds to read their write-ups.

The winner for this week’s challenge is @davispaul who will receive a gift bag from Live Worldly! Check out his winning photo and write-up below:


“Love how spontaneous the game was in Brasil. Favorite part of the World Cup is that it doesn’t matter if you are Brazilian, German, or Ghanaian: everyone can appreciate a good game! Although go Netherlands.”