PPArtAroundYou Honorable Mentions Collage

Nothing invites you into a new city or surrounding quite like public art.  From architecture to graffiti to sculpture, it may be the first thing you notice (perhaps without even being aware of it)!  So this week we teamed up with Andaz as well as Guest Judges @eric_le_reveur and @mary_quincy and invited you to share what caught public art your eye in our PP Instagram Challenge #PPArtAroundYou.


Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right starting top-left): @jerricatan, @nizarfat, @goglobaling, @thewongie, @erinhola, @thexxquisite, @ely_k, @katief, and @theartofexploring.


Congratulations to this week’s three potential winners who will each receive a free night’s stay at any Andaz Property around the globe and whose images and write-ups are below:

The first potential winner is @cosyne:

Mural in Haji Lane in Singapore
PC: @cosyne

That splash of bold colors energized me the moment I stepped into the narrow strip of Hajilane. Contrasting with the pastel-colored vintage shops are the brightly painted murals of cafes that scream art to any local or tourist walking along this alley.

The second potential winner is @cielodlp:

Strideby against the Ping Yuen Wall Mural in San Francisco Chinatown
PC: @cielodlp

With all the gentrification going on in the Bay area because of the tech boom, San Francisco’s Chinatown manages to keep it real. I head there often for some of the best noodles and dan tat (egg tart) on this planet! When I took this photo of the Ping Yuen Wall Mural, it was only fitting that a local with her grocery bags filled with fruit and bread walked into my shot.

The third potential winner is @sonnietothetee:

Chasing Pigs in Brick Lane in London
PC: @sonnietothetee

When old friends cross paths for a couple days on their journeys, catching up on adventures happens naturally as you embark on new ones. For us, this meant chasing piggies around a street-laden enclave we happened upon off London’s famous Brick Lane.


About This Week’s Partner:

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