This week, instead of our usual weekly Instagram challenge, we did a 48 hour flash challenge because our friends at Verizon asked us #WhyNotWednesday? Over the past 2 days, we asked you to share your favorite fall travel memories or your plans for the upcoming season, and share a photo of fall foliage as the season begins to approach full bloom.

We saw countless memorable autumn moments, unique Enlight app photo edits, and travel memories. Congratulations to our winner, @allophile_ , who will receive a one on one photography workshop with our team, from framing to editing. You can see their full entry below, and see all the stories from this week by checking out the #WhyNotWednesday tag on Instagram.

Photo by: @allophile_

Back down in the desert, but just can’t leave that golden aspen light from yesterday and the day before up in the mountains north of Flagstaff—a pocket of transplanted Rocky Mountain glory in otherwise arid country… This week has probably been the peak of the autumn foliage, before wind and rain head in… Here, the strength of an evergreen amidst so much fleeting color… back in Tucson, dreaming of forests..

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