PPThingsIFound Instagram Collage

Rocks, pinecones, entire temples… seeing you all really bring your creativity to the table and show us what catches your eyes for #PPThingsIFound. Thanks so much for all who participated with a special thanks to this week’s challenge inspirations and Guest Judges @nazyxo and @omjsk!


Congratulations to our challenge honorable mentions (listed left to right, starting top-left): @sallies, @miss_maria, @milkweedpollen, @trekbearly@reyequis, @ginna108, @emmaandflotsam, @lyssawalks, and @pullyc! Make sure to check out their feeds for their individual write-ups.


Congratulations to our challenge potential winner @jenerlys who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo and write-up are below:


PPThingsIFound Leaves


“I made this with evergreen ilex crenata branches I found while wandering campus. Manipulating the leaves is a very meditative, calming process for me. The real excitement is in the finding, the treasure hunting (both in the physical and in the idea world of my head). I love the act of foraging for free art materials (aka fallen branches, flowers, leaves…), especially in places where other people are busily walking by paying no attention. It reminds me that beauty and inspiration are everywhere, waiting to be sought out.”