#PPTravelPatterns Passion Passport Instagram Challenge Honorable Mentions 3x3 Grid

I loved coming through here every day for 3 months and admiring the patterns of the beautiful old brickwork and light play (when the sun was shining).

-An excerpt from honorable mention @rose.ml

There are #PPTravelPatterns everywhere! And you found them everywhere, including everyday places we never thought to look — from light-streaked train stations in Germany to lettuce spirals in Myanmar to stampeding horses in Australia.

Thanks to all who shared their most eye-catching designs with a special thanks to our friends @charliespicture, @diaryofzach and @easternsuns for joining us as guest judges.

Congratulations to our Instagram challenge honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left):

@_lifeinlight, @1001diarycollections, @wanderfong,

@aljvd, @robmulally, @sallies,

@tiffer916, @katie.the.archer, and @rose.ml

Make sure to visit their individual feeds for complete write-ups!

Congratulations to our Instagram challenge potential winner @chemfifi who will receive a canvas print of her photo and whose entry is below:

Monks in Gradient Orange Robes Holding Bowls in Battambang, Cambodia
Photo by: @chemfifi Battambang, Cambodia

I just love the different shades of orange in these monk robes and how delicately they are holding onto their bowls.

I love how the folds of fabrics and the hands blend into one another and how they seem to become one connected mass of bright orange fabric.

And I love the anonymity of the photo.

I spoke at great length to one monk, Hun, who had graduated with an English Literature degree (his fave book is Oliver Twist) who shared with me that monks have two robes: undershirts and bottoms. The colors of the fabric do not mean anything other than this is what the monk bought — a little bit of individuality. Hun has opened a small school in his temple for local children and is looking for donations of books; if you are interested in helping him out DM me and I can share his address.


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