PPMetOnMyTravels Passion Passport Instagram Challenge Honorable Mentions Photo Collage

From Brazil to Jordan, Nigeria to Mongolia, we loved reading about and meeting those you’ve met along your journeys. It’s these everyday interactions that leave lasting impressions and remind us why we travel. So thank you to all who participated with a special thanks to our Guest Judges @el_fotomat and @mcallisterjeff.


Congratulations to this week’s PP Instagram Challenge honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @makrwilson, @danartriatmojo, @budgetmtraveler, @catedubois, @theworldwidetribe, @devenchaudhary5, @ar_ay_ef, @bear_caldwell, and @royzjr.


Congratulations to this week’s PP Instagram Challenge potential winner @upalidg who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo and write-up are below:

Camel and Guide in Desert in India

“Meet Salim and Raju. We met them on our visit to Sam sand dunes near Jaisalmer, India. Raju was our ride for the evening, and Salim was his caretaker. They live in the border town of Dhanana which lies somewhere between the sand dunes and the India-Pakistan border. Having grown up in the desert, he regaled us with trivia about the region and pointed out milestones that used to mark the old border between the two countries before the war in 1965. Impressed by his knowledge and eloquence, we asked him how old he was. ‘I’m 10,’ he said.”