This week we teamed up with Tourism Ireland to give away a six-day vacation to the isle of Ireland for two, and we asked you to share your favorite aspects of Irish culture — from pubs to books to landscapes. With almost 500 tags, we certainly felt the spirit! So thank you to everyone who participated; we truly enjoyed seeing all the history, memories, and wanderlust through your entries.


Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @oftreesandhues, @whateverislovelier, @drewbikscube, @ryancaven, @saysthefox, @morgiefied, @el_fotomat, @katief, and @rachelgulotta.

PPLoveIreland Honorable Mentions Collage


Congratulations to this week’s potential GRAND PRIZE winner @alyfromuk2us whose photo and write-up are below:

Making Irish Potato Bread

“Ask anyone who has moved away from Ireland, North or South, what foods they miss the most, and I guarantee Potato Bread will be somewhere on their list. I used to go home to visit and come back with a suitcase filled. But I don’t need to anymore; my husband has perfected the recipe so well that I will never need to buy it again. Leftover mashed potatoes, flour, salt and butter kneaded together and when it smells like home, it’s done.”


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