PPLookingBack Honorable Mentions


Thank you for helping us celebrate reaching 250,000 tags on #passionpassport this past week with #PPLookingBack! It’s always inspiring to read about community travel memories — from Mozambique to Switzerland.


Congratulations to our honorable mentions who are (left to right, starting top-right): @nrayhanna, @the3rdbobert, @wanderlustwandermust, @livinginanotherlanguage, @jamielefkowitz, @kelsuto, @wanderliv, @trisataro, and @wanderflug. Make sure to check out their feeds for their individual write-ups!


Congratulations to our challenge potential winner @lovedeathtravel who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose caption and image are below:


Benguerra Island Mozambique Sand Dunes


“My favorite memory from the past year and a half would undoubtedly include my travels through Mozambique and especially Benguerra Island. I immediately think of two things when asked about the archipelago: incredibly turquois tidal waters and enormous windblown dunes. On Benguerra, the local dhows slowly sink in the sand as the tide creeps out; and as golden hour approaches, the wild patterns in the sand throw curvy shadows across a magical beach scene. The island operates on its own time zone, truly cut-off from the rest of the world, although. I don’t think I looked at my watch the entire time I was there.”