PPIncandescentLights Honorable Mentions Collage


We were absolutely entranced by all the entries — from the United Arab Emirates to South Korea — to this past week’s PP Instagram Challenge #PPIncandescentLights. Thanks to all who helped keep our season bright by participating with a special thanks to Guest Judge @e.digernes!


Congratulations to our honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @kathjespersen, @kulkimoose, @lenapapadopoulos, @imaevaeva, @el9th, @_edng, @vanlendl, @girlgonecoastal, and @mattschallphotography. Make sure to check out their feeds for individual write-ups!


Congratulations to our potential winner @radam2 who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo and caption are below:


Yosemite Light at Night


“This extraterrestrial moment was very memorable to me because the nights here in Yosemite are usually illuminated by the moon, so when we add artificial light in our woods, magical things happen. The amount of excitement I had after looking at my camera LCD display after snapping this photo was indescribable. Once the excitement settled down, I put my camera away and enjoyed the present moment.”