PPHolidaySeason Honorable Mentions Collage


Seeing everyone’s entries — from New  York’s city lights to snow in Seoul — got us in both the holiday spirit and the wanderlust spirit, so thanks to all who participated in our challenge with a special thanks to Guest Judge @kitkat_ch! We hoped you enjoyed time with friends and family to close out the year.


Congratulations to our honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @_madickey_, @absinthemindedswede, @triptotrip, @subhash_chandra, @leleemarie, @lav0yageuse, @pullyc, @monicalatif, and @mdickey3.


Congratulations to our potential winner @outoftomorrows who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo and caption are below:

Ice Skating in Millennium Park

“The older and more cynical I get, the harder it is to ‘feel’ Christmas. A thinning extended family and the lack of snow doesn’t help either. This year to get into the holiday spirit, I made an extra effort to immerse myself in the classic holiday activities, like wandering along Michigan Avenue or watching the ice skating at Millennium Park.”