PP Instagram Challenge PPFromMyEyes Honorable Mentions Collage

From Costa Rica to Puerto Rico, the Galapagos to Laos, we enjoyed getting to see what you see through your lenses. So thank you to all who participated and let us walk in their ‘shoes’ with a special thanks to our Guest Judge @paul_johnstone!


Congratulations to this week’s PP Instagram Challenge honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @emiliebeet, @lostgener8tion, @cathinkaingman@kaymdouglas, @reyequis, @writegirl, @jonfuhrmann, @littlestlacroix, and @wanderflug.


Congratulations to this week’s PP Instagram Challenge potential winner @el_fotomat who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo and write-up are below:

Cow in Nong Khiaw Laos

“During a wander along a dusty road near Nong Khiaw, Laos, with the occasional small village and hut popping up on either side, we came across a few boys peering over the edge of a small bridge overpass. We looked down as well and saw a makeshift butcher shop for the local villagers with a large plastic sheet, metal bowls filled with drained blood, an old scale, and an assembly line of three or four people chopping and splitting up the meat of what looked to have been a cow.

Moments like this — glimpses into other ways of living and doing things — are what drive me to see and learn as much about the world as I can. At the same time, stumbling upon random scenes of everyday life also make me realize the many ways we’re all the same, no matter whether you’re in a remote village in Northern Laos or at a specialty butcher shop in the Italian market of Philadelphia.”