#PPSlowTravel Passion Passport Instagram Challenge 3x3 Honorable Mentions Grid

For this past week’s #PPSlowTravel Instagram challenge, we drew inspiration from our recently concluded cross-country #PassportExpress train collaboration with Amtrak and asked you to steady your pace and share those travel moments in which time just seemed to freeze — from floating in Dominica to walking through lavender fields in England.


Congratulations to our challenge honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @manubenegas, @chartno3, @borderfreetravels, @jaclynmarcatili, @misslapin, @studioshuko, @lesssliemarie, @krutidalal, and @deryakaya.

Congratulations to our potential challenge winner @wfa31 who will receive a prize package with exclusive #PassportExpress gear, including a Mizu waterbottle, a Moleskine notebook, and a Woolrich, Inc. blanket. Check out his winning entry below:

Girl Walking White Steps in Chefchaouen, Morocco
Photo by: @wfa31

When traveling it’s always tempting for me to choose quantity over quality — to try to git as much as I can in the limited amount of time that I have. But I always enjoy my travels more when I take my time to really get the feel of a place and see how the city/landscape moves and breathes.