#PPSilhouetteStranger Passion Passport Instagram Challenge Honorable Mentions 3x3 Collage

Going along with our ‘Haunted Travel’ #passionpassport twitter chat, this past week we asked you to bring to life some of your spookiest, most mysterious captures for our #PPSilhouetteStranger Instagram challenge. With entries from Jordan to London, you certainly gave us chills!

Congratulations to our Instagram challenge honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @davidnakamurah, @monicalatif, @sallies, @t_fish, @dc_free_traveller, @lexypierce, @idrissbg, @sabart13, and @mishakaluu.

Congratulations to our Instagram challenge potential winner @aizhar.alih who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose winning entry is below:

Silhouette of a Stranger in Madina, Saudi Arabia
Photo by: @aizhar.alih

I was lying down on the carpet waiting for a person to pass by when this stranger whispered behind me, “Nice angle.” I smiled and told him what I was doing, and he happily volunteered to totally stand there.

Thank you, awesome stranger!


Special thanks to our guest judges @justhanni and @lisa__l for their hard work as well as to all who participated — stay tuned for our next Instagram challenge!