#PPReflection Passion Passport Instagram Challenge 3x3 Honorable Mentions Grid

“The importance of learning to go along with the flow of life and appreciate the good things that are often unnoticed and unappreciated has never been more evident to me than right now. I was so suddenly reminded of how lucky I was prior to the bad news, and how lucky I still am, so long as I choose to remain level-headed and foc s on the right things.”

-An excerpt from honorable mention @mindfulexplorer


From NYC to Strasbourg, people across the globe greeted the new year and waved farewell to the old. We asked you to take a step back and share your most stand-out moments, challenges, and lessons learned from 2015.

Congratulations to this week’s #PPReflection Instagram challenge honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @curioussophia, @stephwsc, @scooteromatours, @darrylstravels, @decreavision, @wanderfong, @monicalatif, @rrrudya, and @mindfulexplorer.

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Congratulations to this week’s #PPReflection potential winner @_madickey_ whose entry is below:

Nubble Lighthouse Reflection in Water in Maine
Photo by: @_madickey_

“Traveling is my adrenaline. I must always be planning one adventure or another to stay content.

But traveling can also be exploring things that are near. I’ve lived in New England for five years, but have never really explored the coast. Being blessed with time (aka, unemployed), my wife and I took several weekend trips, including one to the famed Nubble Lighthouse.

I want to explore more of the regions near, dabble in Nova Scotia, and clamber around northern Maine. Get outdoors and experience life without walls.”

Matthew will receive a print of his winning photo. Thanks to all who participated with a special thanks to @guigurui for joining us as guest judge. Stay tuned for our next Instagram challenge coming shortly!