Honorable Mentions Collage for PPPrintMoment Passion Passport Instagram Challenge with timeshel

This week we teamed up with @timeshelco and asked you to join in our PP Instagram Challenge by tagging #PPPrintMoment and sharing some of your favorite travel memories with us — those you think deserve to be printed for mom to hang on the fridge.

And since nine honorable mentions will each be receiving 3 months of photos (10 prints/month) and the potential winner will be receiving one year of photos (30 prints/month), we asked @blaineorific and @brandenharvey to join us as Guest Judges to help us select this week’s group of honorable mentions and potential winner!


Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @jeffparkesphoto, @ensonyacion, @_madickey_, @applel0v3r, @sallies@kirstenashleyphotography, @jadessong, @mattschallphotography, and @neverstopexploring__.


Congratulations to this week’s potential winner @this.is.mike whose photo and write-up are below:

Brig Switzerland

My first experience abroad was in 2008 in Brig, Switzerland, for a study abroad program. The sudden exposure to students representing over 200 countries jarred my notion of truth and forced me to reevaluate my view on the world and the abundant cultures within. In 2013 during a year-long trip around the world, I purposefully brought my girlfriend to Brig to show her where exactly I started to get to know myself.

Without wandering this world, I would simply be lost. Here’s to all of the places and faces who continue to shape those of us who let them.


About This Week’s Partner:

Timeshel LogoOur stories deserve printed photographs and timeshel makes receiving them an easy, elegant, and seamless experience. Add moments to your story and at the end of each month timeshel will print and send them to you. Download the timeshel iOS app and begin receiving beautifully printed photographs of your story today (currently available in the US only).