#PPMeetTheWorld Instagram Challenge with Hostelworld

You took us from Bosnia to Tanzania, from New York City to Peru, and all across the globe for this week’s Instagram challenge #PPMeetTheWorld in collaboration with Hostelworld to give away $1,000 USD towards one winner’s next big adventure.

We asked you to share your most memorable travel moments involving people: road trips with friends, sharing sunsets with fellow travelers, or random acts of kindness by locals. So thank you to all who participated with a special thanks to guest judges @chaiwalla and @kympham for joining and helping us sort through over 800 entries!


Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @wildrecollection, @afishcalledmanda, @philipeastman, @samkat, @lilylikestodraw@sheriffkny, @suzy.sullivan, @kelseycherry, and @erinegold. Make sure to head over to their feeds for their individual write-ups!


Congratulations to this week’s potential winner @dontyoushiver who will receive $1,000 USD towards his next trip and whose winning photo/write-up are below:

Windshield View of Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand
PC: @dontyoushiver Mt. Cook, South Island, New Zealand

The time I went to New Zealand with a couple of friends I met when I was living in Australia. We rented a car, drove from Auckland to the South Island, and spent 17 days there. Everything happened on that trip…we rolled over our car on the road due to black ice, and we thought or trip was over — or worse, we all could have passed away that day.

But miracles happen, and nothing happened to us; we were brave enough to keep our trip going. And you know what? I don’t regret it at all. I did so many crazy things: bungee jump, canyon swing, and drive a sort-of motorcycle through Queenstown.

Sometimes I feel like everything was just a dream. A good dream. The best I’ve ever had. I wish I could go back and live all those amazing days again. Because life is just like that: you have to enjoy your moment and your friends. Even though the circumstances may say ‘no’, you have to be brave enough to keep going, to keep living, because we never know what can happen in the next minute. So let’s live. Let’s explore. The world is ours.