PPLocalSpecialty Passion Passport Instagram Challenge Honorable Mentions Collage

This week we pondered what makes a place stand out and asked you to share the artisanal goods and market items — from India to Mexico, from spices to tea — you’ve come across on your travels for our Instagram Challenge #PPLocalSpecialty with guest judges @easternsuns and @lovewalkeatsee!


Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @sallies, @anajulz, @miss_anastasia_u, @azford, @morgabob, @twoworldtravellers, @devenchaudhary5, @snapsanna, and @veraleinmilena.


Congratulations to this week’s potential winner @runninngs whose photo and write-up are below:

Baker Kitchen in Meghalaya
PC: @runninngs

I found myself living out a childhood dream when I spent two days at a traditional baker’s kitchen in Cherapunjee, Meghalaya, documenting a typical day at the kitchen.

This man you see here came to the bakery from Assam when he was five years old, looking for work. An experienced baker in the kitchen taught him everything before he left forever. Today, thirty years later, he is a master baker who works the bakery with his subordinates who have learnt from him.

Everyday begins early at 6 am when the oven is loaded with firewood and the flame is lit. The walls here smell of cupcakes and hot buns. The chimney lets out these sweet smelling fragrances which waft down the gully.