instagram honorable mentions

For this past week’s #PPFillintheBlank Instagram challenge, we asked you to answer one of our favorite questions: Why do you travel? 

  • I travel because I’m a kid at heart.
  • I travel because it makes me learn and discover.
  • I travel because there’s a stillness that comes with it for me.

We loved reading your answers and realizations from your journeys, spanning from Guatemala to Laos.

Congratulations to our honorable mentions for this week’s challenge (moving left to right, starting top-left): @edgilardon, @blakeishunter, @adventures_in_paradise, @anajulz, @alletirado, @patagoniatothenorthpole, @trisataro, @sallies, and @lincalincalinca! Head to their individual feeds to read their full write-ups.

Congratulations to our potential winner @lightlyanchored for this week’s challenge who will be featured on on blog and whose entry is below!

Monk Taking a Photo in Phonsavan, Laos
Photo by: @lightlyanchored

On a rainy night in Laos, I went to a bus station and booked a morning ticket to backtrack to a place I skipped, but suddenly had to see. After arriving in Phonsavan, I wandered around the Plain of Jars with at least 25 monks who were as excited as I was. They stared down the unexplained rock pots and took camera phone photos of each other smiling in front of the formations.

I travel because everywhere I’ve been, I’ve found people rolling around in love with the world just like I am. And nothing feels more like a hug than monks who get you.


Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for our next Instagram challenge!