#PPCallOfTheWild Passion Passport Instagram Challenge 3x3 Honorable Mentions Collage

For this week’s past Instagram challenge #PPCallOfTheWild, we asked you to post a natural place that brings out your spirit of adventure — your wild side. From Argentina to South Africa, we appreciate you sharing these special, untamed spaces with us as well as insta-explorers and guest judges @stevenofnorth and @zckrf who helped us review your entries.

Congratulations to this week’s Instagram challenge honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @muenchmax@rachaelhyde@djdumpling@globecalledhome@_marymartin@gui.cha@danflyingsolo@ch3m1st, and @justinhawthorne!

Congratulations to this week’s Instagram challenge potential winner @jeffparkesphoto who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose photo/write-up are below:

Hikers by Lake under Mount Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina
PC: @jeffparkesphoto

My wife and I traveled to Argentina to experience both the culture and get outdoors in Patagonia to hike around Mt. Fitz Roy. Traveling away from civilization to even begin the hike was an adventure in itself. The sunset views from the double-decker bus from El Calafate were incredible which took us to the small station in El Chalten.

From there we had over 14km to go on bumpy dirt roads in a van…at night. Totally trusting the strange (but incredibly nice) man who met us there, we drove off into the dark, dusty wilderness quickly losing cell reception. After what felt like hours, we arrived at El Pilar, a Patagonian country house in the middle of nowhere that we booked for two nights. This was our base for the hike up to Laguna de lost Tres the next day.

This photo is the rewarding view of Mt. Fitz Roy after climbing the final pass at the end of a more-difficult-than-expected hike. All flights, buses, vans, sweat, and steps to get there were totally worth it!