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Photo by Community Member @mpphotos15

Even the most seasoned traveler craves new adventures and exciting travel tales.

In this week’s #PPMeetTheWorld Instagram Challenge in collaboration with Hostelworld, we want to hear your most memorable travel stories involving other people. We all know the world doesn’t just come knocking, so tell us about a time you’ve gone out to meet the world and been rewarded. Share a photo or video about the adventures you’ve been on and the people you’ve met along the way who made it special, from bustling and exotic local markets to quiet beach fires with people you’ve just met.

How have your travels been enhanced by fellow travelers, locals, and cultures you’ve interacted with along the way? Post a photo from your adventures and tell us who made it memorable for your chance to win $1000 towards your next trip! We are joined by guest judges @chaiwalla and @kympham this week, so make sure to share your best work!

Please see the additional terms and conditions for this challenge here.

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