#PPWallHunter Passion Passport Instagram Challenge Image by @meanwhileinnowhere
PC: @meanwhileinnowhere in Sweden

We’re excited to team up with guest judges @iter_miguel, @meanwhileinnowhere, and @mihailonaca to bring you this week’s Instagram challenge #PPWallHunter! From ivy-covered stone to graffiti-painted steel, we want you to get out and ‘hunt’ for eye-grabbing walls. We pass by them everyday, but often walls go unnoticed. Look for unique angles, juxtaposing textures, and brilliant colors and get creative and show us how basic walls can be interesting – can be art.


Follow the below instructions in order to be eligible to win a 16×16 inch canvas print or be featured as an honorable mention:


1) Post a photo/video that fits this week’s theme and tag #PPWallHunter and @passionpassport in your caption.

2) Submit as many entries as you like between Monday, June 22nd and 11:59pm EST on Saturday, June 27th. Note that  you must post or repost during the challenge period; you cannot simply “tag” an older photo/video.

3) Also include a brief write-up in the caption describing what is personally memorable or significant about your photo/video. Note that the winner always has a write-up for their photo/video (see here for inspiration from the previous challenge winner’s write-up).

4) The potential winner and honorable mentions will be announced on Sunday, June 28th.