Minnesota Lake on a Summer Day
Photo by @christmaselk

As we continue to get excited for summer here at Passion Passport, we’re joined by Explore Minnesota for this week’s IG Challenge, #PP10ThousandLakes! As you can see from checking out @ExploreMinnesota, Minnesota represents its nickname as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” well. From the shores of Lake Superior to beautiful bodies of water big and small, the state offers a wide selection of locations for some of summer’s best activities.

Dive into this Instagram Challenge by showing us your favorite lake activities and summer memories by the water, either from your travels or destinations a bit closer to home. In your caption, tell us where, specifically, you would want to spend time by the lake if you won a trip to Minnesota, and which activities you would want to pursue. Choose wisely, because the winner of this week’s challenge will be headed to Minnesota at the end of the summer to become the next 10-Day Minnesotan. In August, you’ll be able to road-trip through Minnesota and share what you discover along the way.

We’ll be joined by Minnesota locals @ericmueller and @orbeq as our guest judges. Make sure to show them your best work. We’re adding a few extra days to this challenge and making it longer than usual, so feel free to post additional photos!

For additional terms and conditions that apply to this week’s challenge, see here.


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