Watercolor of the Golden Gate Bridge
Photo by: @blaineorific
Watercolor by: @hannahjesus

As we scan through our Instagram feeds each day, we see photo after photo that makes us stop and stare. Every now and then, as photographers, we each come across a moment of our own like that. We capture it with our cameras, show it to a few friends and perhaps share it online. While the moment lives on in our memories, that photo gets buried by the ones that come after. This should not be the case.

At Passion Passport, we know this feeling well and we’re excited to team up with timeshel as well as Guest Judges @blaineorific and @brandenharvey for our PP Instagram Challenge this week because they have a solution for this. This week, use the tag #PPPrintMoment to share your favorite travel photo, the one you want people to see most. Whether its the first photo you were proud to have taken, or one that captures a cherished memory, or the one you’d want your mom to put on the fridge, share it with us this week and tell us why it’s important to you.

The winner of this challenge will receive 1 year of printed photos from timeshel (30 photos/month) and 9 honorable mentions will receive 3 months of printed photos (10 photos/month).



1) Submit as many entries as you like between Monday, March 16th and 11:59pm EST on Saturday, March 21th. Note that you cannot simply “tag” an older photo/video; you must post or repost during the challenge period.

2) Post a photo/video that fits this week’s theme and tag @passionpassport and #PPPrintMoment in your caption.

3) Also include a brief write-up in the caption describing what is personally memorable or significant about your photo/video. Note that the winner always has a write-up for their photo/video (see here for inspiration from the previous challenge winner’s write-up).

4) The potential winner and honorable mentions will be announced on Sunday, March 22th, here on www.passionpassport.com and on our Instagram channel.


About This Week’s Partner:

Timeshel LogoOur stories deserve printed photographs and timeshel makes receiving them an easy, elegant, and seamless experience. Add moments to your story and at the end of each month timeshel will print and send them to you. Download the timeshel iOS app and begin receiving beautifully printed photographs of your story today.  (Currently available in the US only.)