From harsh mountain summits to thick pine forests and quiet loch fronts, Scotland is known for its varied landscapes.

The Highlands is no exception.

But for Jennifer Macleay, this northwestern region of Scotland holds more than just the legend of Loch Ness, the highest mountain in the British Isles, and the Crown’s largest national park. It holds both her home and her muse. Jennifer is a self-taught photographer who was born and raised in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. From a young age, the visual arts offered her a means of self-expression and challenged her to capture the dramatic beauty of her home in full form.

Through her minimalist photography, Jennifer focuses on the unique aspects of a place and aims to portray the specific mood or feeling of a landscape. For her, photography is about sharing individual moments with others and showcasing the awe-inspiring scale of her surroundings.


By exploring the wild, remote Highlands with her camera, Jennifer has not only learned to fully appreciate her roots, but also tune in to the intrinsic rhythm of the land.

She hopes her photography communicates how compelling the scenery of the Highland region really is, and reminds you of the remarkable power of the wilderness.

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