Bal Bhatla loves long, winding tunnels, sweeping curves, moody lighting, iconic signage, and eclectic textures. He finds all of these things, and more, in metro stations and transport hubs in London.

Metro systems, after all, are full of photographic potential.

Most of Bal’s photos are taken during his daily commute in London. It’s the only time he has for photography, so he takes advantage of the inspiration he finds on his way to and from work.

Sometimes he tries to envision his shots ahead of time, but he often relies on spontaneity. He likes seeing what the metro has to offer. He finds that the people — his fellow commuters — add a level of emotion, scale, and curiosity to his images.

Little do they know, but Mr. Whisper is in their midst, keeping his observant eye on the scenes that unfold underground London.

You can find Bal’s photos on Instagram, and more of his work on his website. To see more of Bal’s metro photos, check out his metro photo collection.