When Justin Coomber visited Scotland, he felt like he was stepping into “Braveheart.”

The train ride from Cambridge, England, offered views of winding roads, quaint villages, towering buildings, and stretches of the greenest fields he’d ever seen. He arrived in the capital and wandered the streets of Edinburgh with only his camera for company. Justin took in his surroundings and contemplated what made this place seem so different than others he’d visited.

In the bustle of a city, there was a beauty that mesmerized him.

Later that day, as he watched the sun set over the glowing, cobbled streets, he realized how lucky he was.

It was a moment that reminded him why he became a photographer in the first place: to experience the mysterious beauty of new places, and pass those scenes on to others.

My name is Justin Coomber. I’m a freelance photographer, though I still find it weird to call myself that as I’m doing my dream as a career. The challenge of telling stories through a single image is what drew me to this path — to be able to show people the beautiful places that exist in the world and to tell an individual’s story through a photograph is truly incredible. To view more of my work, visit my Instagram