Your personality type plays a big role in picking where to travel. When adventuring with a partner, though, this can get tricky. A couple is a partnership, which means you have to consider if the destination suits both of your travel styles. To ensure a positive experience, you’ll need to find common ground on a number of issues, such as expectations, climate, and pace of travel, all of which could take a while. To help, we’ve comprised a nifty list of nations for every type of globe-trotting partnership. Happy planning!

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Where: St. Lucia

When: January to April

Why: Feeling stressed or burnt out? We know this place that can help. St. Lucia is known for its resorts and cruise ships, which are definitely an option for some couples. But if that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to unplug and enjoy this Caribbean paradise without overworking your mind or body. Rent an Airbnb on the beach and spend your slow-moving days perusing markets, working on your tan, or strolling through the lush jungle en route to a waterfall (or up a mountain, if you’re so inclined). After a few days in St. Lucia, you’re bound to feel like your old self again.

Similar destinations: Puerto Rico, Bahamas

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Where: India

When: October to March

Why: Crowded streets, iconic traditions, diverse landscapes, and more — India is truly a photographer’s dream. It’s a country comprised of a variety of regions and identities, all of which contribute to a culture unlike any other. Whether you head north to the Himalayas or east to Varanasi, your senses will be in overdrive at all times. Lose yourself in the pockets of color, sound, and smell that are sure to attract you and your partner’s creative eye — and fill a memory card (or seven). In India, even what appears mundane is worth capturing.

Similar destinations: Morocco, Japan

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Where: New Zealand

When: December to February

Why: New Zealand was made for road tripping. Because this way of travel is ingrained so deeply in the country, you’ll find countless van-rental companies to choose from (vans can serve as a great place to sleep, too) and equally as many routes to take around the country’s north and south islands. Tackle one or both by cruising down the many highways, up and over mountains, and along narrow backroads, stopping as you please. The country boasts an array of natural beauty, everything from beaches, volcanos, and fjords, so you’ll want to take your time here. Just remember to drive on the “right” (read: left) side of the road!

Similar destinations: Ireland, Iceland

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Where: Greece

When: June to September

Why: The Greek islands scream romantic getaway. Locations like Mykonos, Naxos, and Skopelos (which were used as the backdrop for many scenes in Mamma Mia!) allow you and your partner to retreat from everyday life and simply enjoy each other’s company. If you need help pulling the trigger on this one, picture yourself on a white-washed balcony, watching the sun set over the horizon, with a warm Mediterranean breeze keeping you cool. It’s hard to imagine a better place to celebrate your love, isn’t it?

Similar destinations: France, Belize

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Where: Italy

When: March to May; September to November

Why: Over the centuries, Italy has cemented itself as one of the world’s culinary leaders. From pizza to pasta, and fresh seafood to aged cheeses, you simply can’t go wrong with Italian. What’s more, each region will cook up its signature dishes to prove it. Even if you venture to a small town you’ve never heard of, eating in Italy will prove to be a special experience. So, if you and your partner are all about tasting the best a destination has to offer, there’s no better place to start. Buon appetito!

Similar destinations: Vietnam, Portugal

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Nature Lovers

Where: Nepal

When: October to November

Why: The Himalayas, Nepal’s defining feature, stand as a constant reminder of how big, powerful, and challenging nature can be. And if you and your partner are looking to tap into that, a trip to Nepal will meet your expectations and then some, as there’s something incredibly humbling and inspiring about being in the mountains’ towering presence. To find your nature fix, you should seek out some of the world’s best trekking trails, visit wildlife in untamed national parks, or mountain-bike through the sacred Kathmandu Valley — a place that will figuratively and literally take your breath away. When you arrive in Nepal, be prepared to push your limits!

Similar destinations: Peru, Chile

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History Buffs

Where: Germany

When: September to November

Why: In Germany, people remember. Forced to live with the haunting decisions of their forefathers throughout the World Wars, the Germans have refused to turn a blind eye. Because of that, the country’s history is on full display, especially in the capital, where memorials, monuments, and museums abound everywhere you look. So, if you’d like to walk down the memory lanes of Europe’s darker side while simultaneously getting to know its present culture, Germany is the place to do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Similar destinations: Jordan, England

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Beach Bums

Where: Costa Rica

When: January to February

Why: With 800 miles of coastline to meander down, you won’t have any trouble finding a sandy beach in Costa Rica. The country is known as a perfect respite from harsh winters and a popular spot for surfers, too. It’s also a great spot to meet other backpackers and travelers, which bodes well if you’re a social couple. Popular landing spots include Playa Grande, Playa Manuel Antonio, and anywhere along the Nicoya Peninsula, though you’ll have to consider how much domestic travel you want to endure. Whatever you choose, get ready for some fun in the sun!

Similar destinations: Nicaragua, Mexico

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