In June 2017, we sent Matthew Greene and his foster-son, Mohammed Ndiaye, on a journey only they could take. Before the trip, Mohammed had never traveled outside of the United States.

Matthew and Mohammed spent eight days in Senegal — the country of Mohammed’s heritage, where his extended family still lives.

International travel has tremendous power — to open eyes, shatter barriers, and build bridges. Leaving home can radically reshape our preconceptions about the world, yet nearly two-thirds of Americans lack the resource they need to embark on those transformative experiences. That’s exactly why we created the Passport Project.

Chapter 1

It’s A Lot

After helping Mohammed acquire a passport, he and Matthew departed for Senegal. Theirs was a trip full of emotion, evoking questions of self-identity, country, the meaning of family, and what makes a home from the very start.

See their journey by watching our video, soak in the experience of being in Senegal through Mohammed’s images, and get inside Matthew’s head by reading his series of reflective essays.

Their story touched our hearts and inspired us in new ways. We’re sure it will do the same for you.

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