Not all travelers dream of a beach side getaway during the colder months, some are enchanted by winter’s first snowfall. Winter calls for a specific type of travel, and we want to hear about it – whether that be lodges nestles in the woods or scaling snow capped peaks.

Need a cure for your winter wanderlust? Join us, @lovelivetravel, @Trover, @GoJourny, @Leitihsu and the Passion Passport Community Wednesday 20th of December at 2:30pm ET to chat about ‘Winter Travel’! Show us the ski resort you fell in love with, or the quiet towns that held a new kind of holiday cheer.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:30pm EST

Welcome to the chat! Where has your favorite winter getaway been to date? Share a pic!

Q2 – 2:35pm EST

When you hear ‘winter’ what destinations come to mind?

Q3 – 2:45pm EST

Tag a traveler or photographer who has inspired you to explore some colder destinations!

Q4 – 2:50pm EST

Sometimes traveling in the cold can bring a few obstacles! Ever encountered twists and turns during your winter adventures? Tell us a story.

Q5 – 3:00pm EST

When the temperatures drop, the world can look like a different planet. Share a pic that best captures this!

Q6 – 3:05pm EST

When you’re in your snowy abode, what foods and beverages do you like to enjoy to set the mood? Share a pic!

Q7 – 3:10pm EST

What do you think are ideal qualities for a winter getaway? Why?

Q8 – 2:20 pm EST

What is one winter destination that you aspire to travel to one day? Share a photo or link to the spot!

Body image Andre Benz / Header image by Emanuel Hahn.