On this week’s Twitter Chat we are talking about Winter Sports in North America. There are some people who find solace at the beach, some who love the bustle of the city — and then there are those who find the lure of the snowy mountain to be the most irresistible. When winter rolls around, do you find yourself yearning to get outside into the cold to enjoy all the sports the snow can provide? Or do you prefer to stay in, snuggled up by a fire? There are plenty of ways to explore a new place in the winter, and there are endless wintry wonderlands to be discovered in North America.

For our Twitter Chat this week, bring your best North American wintry activity stories and memories.  Join us and co-host @AlbertaSnowbird with the #PassionPassport hashtag on Thursday February 19th at 2PM EST to join this week’s “Winter Sports in North America” Twitter Chat.

If you are unavailable during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below. 
2:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport twitter chat with @AlbertaSnowbird, @Outside_GO and @ashleyhfleck! Where are you joining us from?
2:05PM EST   Q2: Where are some of your favorite spots in North America to enjoy winter sports? Show us a photo! #passionpassport
2:13PM EST   Q3: What’s one winter sport you’ve always wanted to try? How about winter surfing like @chrisburkard: #passionpassport
2:21PM EST   Q4: It’s time to set out on a winter sporting adventure! Where are you heading first? #passionpassport
2:29PM EST   Q5: Skiing, snowboarding, or in the chalet — where will we find you? #passionpassport
2:37PM EST   Q6: The Rocky Mountains: Canada or United States? Which do you prefer and where are the best spots to enjoy the snow? #passionpassport
2:45PM EST   Q7: When it’s time to escape the winter snow, what warmer North American city do you head to? #passionpassport
2:53PM EST   Q8: Have you ever had any writing or photos published about your experiences on a winter sporting adventure? Share them with us! #passionpassport