Yosemite photo for Passion Passport Twitter Chat
Photo by Community Member @jake23mat

With fifty nine National Parks in these United States, Yosemite is arguably one of the most talked about – and for good reason. Some of the worlds best photographers visit frequently to capture the dramatic landscape and the world’s premiere rock climbers congregate to conquer it’s massive walls. Whether you have visited the park or not, you likely have a bank of images and a few names that come to  mind at the mere mention of the name “Yosemite.” It’s a majestic place that earns a lot of attention, and deservedly so.

This week, we want to hear how you connect with Yosemite National Park – whether you’re a regular visitor or one of us who’s dying to go for the first time. Do scenes come to mind or do you associate Yosemite with the epic adventure stories past or present? Yosemite and its fellow National Parks are often considered “America’s Best Idea,” so join us on Thursday 6/25 at 2pm EST to discuss one of the prized jewels of the natural world!

We are excited to be joined by the following co-hosts:

@HikingTheTrail: Hiker, backpacker and blogger at HikingTheTrail.com
@YosemiteSteve: Yosemite Filmmaker
@YosemiteDN: Yosemite National Park operations team
If you are unavailable during the twitter chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00pm EST
Q1: Welcome to this week’s #PassionPassport chat – On Location: Yosemite. Where are you joining us from?

2:05pm EST
Q2: Quick show of hands: Who’s been to Yosemite before? When did you go? What did you do?

2:10pm EST
Q3: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Yosemite? Why?

2:15pm EST
Q4: Who are you bringing on your next Yosemite trip? Tag them now

2:20pm EST
Q5: What draws you to dramatic locations like Yosemite and other National Parks?

2:28pm EST
Q6: Who, past or present, friend or legend, would you want to explore Yosemite with?

2:36pm EST
Q7: Forget about what you can do, what’s one thing you wish you could do in Yosemite?

2:44pm EST
Q8: With so many great photos floating around of Yosemite, can you share a favorite? Who shot it?

2:52pm EST
Q9: Show you us your work! Share a story or photo from your time in Yosemite or another park!