Photo by Passion Passport Community Member Adrienne Pitts

Featured Photo by Passion Passport Community Member Lauren Kilberg


Taste-testers and bird-eye viewers of dinner tables–it’s finally your time to shine! When one finds an appreciation for the world through food, we find community, stories and another colorful part of our journeys.

In this Thursday’s #PPTravelFoodies Twitter chat, we want to experience the ways you have encountered aromas, flavors and cooking customs from around the globe. Show us the daring new dish, the family you made a meal for, or some unforgettable street food that’s worth sharing about.

Join us this Thursday 11/17, at 2pm EST, by using the tag #PassionPassport on Twitter!

If you will be unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the schedule below:


Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Welcome to the chat! To start off, show us a pic of a delectable meal during one of your travels!

Q2 – 2:05pm EST
From coffee and chocolate to wine and cheese — what food or beverage do you most often seek out while abroad?

Q3 – 2:10pm EST
What region has your favorite dishes? What about it is most appealing to you?

Q4 – 2:15pm EST
What dish has surprised you to become one of your favorites? Include a pic if you have one!

Q5 – 2:20pm EST
Have you encountered any street dish or festival food while traveling? Show us a picture from the delicious day!

Q6 – 2:25pm EST
What draws you to discovering new foods while traveling? Be specific!

Q7 – 2:30pm EST
Have you ever taken a cooking class while traveling? If not — what foreign food would you love to learn how to cook?

Q8 – 2:35pm EST
Share a photo of a daring dish you once tasted! Where were you?

Q9 – 2:40pm EST
What food or beverage have you always wanted to try? Share a photo or link to your tasty aspirations!

Q10 – 2:45pm EST
When have you experienced hospitality and friendship through food & travel? We want to see a pic!