Photo by Travel Videographer and Passion Passport Community member Simone Lucchini

Featured Photo by Travel Videographer and Passion Passport Community member Kien Lam

Beyond all words and photographs, experiencing the world through cinema is unique among other mediums. Travel videos hold the power to swell us with emotion and a deeper understanding of what a destination holds for the heart of a traveler. We have been moved by the expertise and creativity of Passion Passport’s travel videographers that live a travel life fully and artistically. Now, we want to hear from the rest of the community about their experiences with travel videography and creations with film.

This week, the Passion Passport community will celebrate the art of travel videos and discuss cinematography techniques, admired filmmakers, and everything in between. We want to inspire you to engage in sharing what you think makes a travel video influential, beautiful, and though-provoking. Join us this Thursday, October 6th at 2pm ET to chat with Passion Passport and its community on travel videos!

Co-hosts: Daniel Broadley (@danielbroadley) is director based in Bristol/London that creates cinematic travel videos with strong narratives.

If you are unavailable during the twitter chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the times listed below:!

2:00pm EST

Q1: A good travel video inspires us to explore new areas! Share a travel video that held the power to spark your interest in visiting a destination.

2:05pm EST

Q2: When you’re recording travel video, what medium do you favor most when sharing it with others back home?

2:13pm EST

Q3:  What travel videographer would you recommend to others? Tag them in your reply! What’s separates their work from others’?

2:20pm EST

Q4: Let’s talk gear – What do you bring with you when you shoot travel video? Is the phrase “the best camera is the one you have with you” true?

2:29pm EST

Q5: From aerial drone views to up close macro shots, what is your favorite cinematography perspective to use when capturing a place?

2:35pm EST

Q6: The sounds in a travel video is vital to telling its story. How do you go about selecting and mixing your video’s soundtrack?

2:40pm EST

Q7: What’s your favorite location to capture footage? Be specific! Share a photo if you have one!

2:45pm EST

Q8: For those who are newbies in travel videography — what are some questions you have?

2:50pm EST

Q9: If you’ve been shooting and exploring for a while — what advice can you share that has helped you create travel videos successfully?

2:55pm EST

Q 10: In your own words, what makes travel video a stand-out?