by Community Member @zachfack
by Community Member @zachfack

It’s a precious thing to be able to capture a travel moment in time. One look at an image, and we can remember a thrilling trip all over again. How much more thrilling might it be, then, to be able to see it happening again — or in real time?

Video has moved beyond baby’s first steps and graduation to the wide world beyond, becoming a favored medium through which to thread our travel experiences. And with real-time streaming tools like Periscope and Meerkat, that experience is constantly gaining more immediacy. This week, we want to zoom in (pun intended) on videography, and its evolution in relation to travel.

Tune in this Thursday, 7/9 at 2pm EST to talk about what goes on behind the record button. Bring your best footage and recommendations for the video community. We’re joined by co-hosts who are bringing video and travel closer together:

Rachel Rudwall (@rachelroams): Videographer, host of Vacation Chasers
Marko & Alex Ayling (@vagabrothers): backpackers, videographers (Vagabrothers YT channel)
Martin Reisch (@safesolvent): photographer & videographer at Safe Solvent

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, schedule your tweets according to the times listed below.

2:00pm EST
Q1: Welcome to this week’s #PassionPassport chat on Travel Videography. Where are you joining us from?

2:05pm EST
Q2: Share a recent video from your travels, or a photo from somewhere you’d like to shoot.

2:10pm EST
Q3: How do you shoot video? GoPro or DSLR? Tripod or hand-held?

2:15pm EST
Q4: Where do you watch and share your videos? YouTube or Vimeo? Instagram or specific blogs?

2:20pm EST
Q5: Where have you shot your best video? What or where do you plan to record next?

2:25pm EST
Q6: Who do you think uses video well as a storytelling tool? How so? Share their work with us.

2:30pm EST
Q7: What do you find unique about video’s ability to tell a story?

2:37pm EST
Q8: When traveling, what inspires you to shoot video instead of photos?

2:45pm EST
Q9: How do you think videography might change in the coming years with emerging platforms?

2:50pm EST
Q10: Any burning questions for our co-hosts? Favorite the one’s you’d like asked!

Q11: Share one of your videos that you’re proud of, or work you admire.